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For all my toil and suffering...

Posted on 2011.04.06 at 19:00
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(translation for your viewing pleasure)

beat it, just beat it


what if kashmora hugs u?

what if Nepali magic is cast on you?

...oh, the worried sexy

even your shivering is very lady like

beat it, just beat it


if kutchi kuttang comes which becomes sand as soon as it born

if u wanna kiss it, u hate it

black magic will be done, lives will be lost

u'll go mad and u'll come to death

oh house wife, oh ball of flowers, oh peace, peace

rudram roudram ririmsa, moorkham moodham mumurshaa

killer killer killer


if the corpses come alive

and your clothes are set on fire, how can the fires be put off?

exorcise will be done, a hen's throat will be cut

in the streets of graveyards, ghosts will be caught

oh lady lovely beauty, oh bhadra kaali kaankaali

teevram teendram didruksha mundu venuka pariksha

Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL6xgki326E
They just... can't be serious.


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